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Write Off Credit Cards

Write Off Credit Cards and Loans Taken Out Before April 6 2007


Qualified solicitor and Insolvency Practitioner will obtain and check your original loan or credit card agreement. If certain clauses in the contract do not comply with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and ancillary Regulations (up to 75% will not) then the debt will be deemed unenforceable. Our legal team will ensure that the lender wipes the debt from your credit record. Also, the debt will be legally "written off" after 6 years.


All correspondence is confidential.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1988

This applies to any of the following types of credit agreement:

Credit Card
Secured and Unsecured Loan
Store Card
Car Loans/Finance (up to £25,000 each)

Minimum criteria:

1 You must intend to clear existing credit card or loan debt
2 Resident of England, Wales or Northern Ireland
3 Have unsecured debts of over £1,000
4 Have at least one credit card or loan
5 The Credit Card or loan taken out before 6th April 2007

If you qualify in terms of all the above then apply in confidence to the following:

Start an unenforceable credit agreement application here


How does it work?

The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 allows borrowers to challenge unfair credit agreements. Credit Agreements up to £25,000 and issued before 6th April 2007 must comply with the terms of the Act. Most UK banks and lenders have not followed their legal obligations under the Act over the years. This means that your credit agreements may be legally unenforceable. Recently, a high percentage of those agreements that have been challenged have been found to be unfair and unenforceable. The result is the debt can be written off as it cannot be collected.

Solicitors manage every case. We take details of your debts and our specialist legal team challenge the agreements with the lenders. They obtain documentation on your behalf and then verify the legality of the contract. Our legal team will then, via specific correspondence, prove that your agreement is not valid. As it is unenforceable, they will require the card company to write off the debt. In any event you do not have to pay anything further as the agreement would be unenforceable.

Our Debt Write Off Pack contains all the information and documents you need. Apply now for a no-obligation assessment by entering your name and email address (the telephone number is optional) in the boxes above.


NOTE: The implications for legally withholding payment of a debt in the event of no credit agreement being found are mixed. The creditor may register defaults (despite knowing that they are giving false information) and this will involve court hearings to get these removed which could be long and protracted.

If you handled this yourself (which you could by using publicly available paperwork) you would then need to know how to prepare your case for such court hearings, and how to handle any subsequent counterclaims by the creditors. Then there is always the danger of massive legal fees should there be delays, etc. This is why it is better to use a solicitor experienced in this specific field - as it could be a minefield.

Much publicity was given recently to the man who decided to take on his creditors himself and quashed £100,000 worth of debt. He succeeded, only to be handed a £100,000 legal bill.

By using a qualified legal team there should be no need to attend court hearings.

Also, please note that this is not a debt management plan or an IVA, where the debt is written off over 6 years. This is a response to the law which says that lenders offering loans without proper documentation cannot enforce recovery of the debt resulting from them.

We are also affiliated to IVA and debt management specialists, if that should be more suitable to your own circumstances. We can also put you in touch with highly competitive loan providers, if you really can afford to get yourself into more debt (but we recommend reducing your existing debt, or writing it off altogether).


Write off credit cards before April 2007