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Cashplus Prepaid Gold Card

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The main uses for the cashplus gold card are as follows:

Travel/Holidays: Instead of taking all your holiday money in cash or travellers cheques, you can top-up money onto your cashplus prepaid gold MasterCard® account to use as you travel.

Sending Money Abroad: Your cashplus prepaid gold MasterCard® is a great way for you to get money to your loved ones abroad. Simply order an additional card on your account and send it to a friend or family member abroad. You top-up the account in the UK and they can get their money as and when they need it, in a quicker, safer and more convenient way than traditional methods of sharing money.

Managing Budgets: With no credit check or bank account required, the cashplus prepaid gold MasterCard® offers 100% acceptance guaranteed. No matter what your credit history, with your cashplus gold card it’s easy to keep tight control of your budget, there’s no unexpected charges or late payment fees as you only spend what you top up into your account.