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You want a Marks and Spencer credit card and you'd preferably like a succession of credit cards that are able to offer 0 interest deals for as long as possible. This particular card has no affiliation channel that we could find, but the least we could do is to offer you the chance to browse!

Fortunately, 0 interest for years is now possible because of the Credit Card Balance Transfers alert service, which allows you to transfer your balance to a fresh 0 interest card when your present card's 0 interest period is coming to a close. The alert service is completely free to use.

The Marks and Spencer credit card is available as part of this service, although the service is in no way affiliated with Marks and Spencer. We are authorised to offer a number of well-known credit cards. By clicking on one of the links below you will be taken directly to the card issuer's own website where you can locate their application form directly.


Marks and Spencer credit card: Replacement Card of the Month

Offer no longer available.


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With the different facilities this one superb website supplies, you may enjoy your Marks and Spencer credit card for a considerable number of years. In fact you may use the service as often as the balance transfers are possible (in other words, as long as there are new cards to transfer the balance to, there is no limit to the number of times you are able to use the service - and remember, it's all free).

Go to the Credit Card Balance Transfers website for more information on how consumers can all make more intelligent use of their cards. The website for U.S. cardholders is Credit Card Balance Transfers US.


Marks and Spencer credit card: Free Ebook Download

We have a downloadable ebook to explain how you can get interest-free credit for years, starting with your Marks and Spencer credit card. To get your free ebook to download, fill in the details below, and your ebook will be sent to the email address you have specified.

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