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Those of you who visit this site will know that it is consistently eager to advocate superb original things, excellent things. Well I have just found another one!

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Well what is it? It's a website that literally emails you when your credit card's inaugural zero percent offer is nearing its end, and gives you a hyperlink in an e-mail to allow you to transfer your balance to a fresh card, a credit card interest free transfer system.

You can do this as many times as you like. As long as there are credit cards out there offering interest free and low interest deals to new customers, you can have a credit card interest free transfer system up and running for as long as you like!

Here are some more cards which offer similar advantages:

The big financial institutions and money financiers may react more favorably if we made more of a fuss about things. Services like this shall be useful to all borrowers. If we are not happy with the level of service shown by our present credit card interest free transfer then we should perhaps employ a third party facility like this.

Go to the Credit Card Transfers website for more information on how we can all make better use of our cards. The website for U.S. residents is Credit Card Transfers US.


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