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0 APR Balance Credit Transfer


Readers of my blog will know that we're constantly alert to recommend tremendous original innovations, excellent things. Well I've just discovered another one!

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0 APR balance credit transfer is possible from today! By using the Credit Card Balance Transfers automated card alert service you can have an email sent to yourself whenever your card's zero interest period is about to end, allowing you to transfer the entire balance to a new zero interest card! The most brilliant ideas are the simplest, and this service is free to use!

You can do this as many times as you like. As long as there are credit cards out there offering 0 APR balance credit transfer deals to new customers. Here are some more.



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With the new service this tremendous site provides, you may have your 0 APR balance credit transfer for a considerable time. In fact you may put into place this facility for as often as you make your balance transfers work for you.

How we manage ourselves is finally up to ourselves as citizens. If we do not require acceptable quality of business from our credit card suppliers then we will not get it. If we consider that our 0 APR balance credit transfer service could be made better then we should all act on it instead of accepting it. Doing very little only encourages bad practice in corporate behaviour. We should all accept this call to action as honest citizens.

The big financial institutions and corporate financiers may treat us with better service if we made more of a fuss about innovations. Services like this may be of great help to all credit card holders. If we are displeased with the levels of service shown by our mainstream 0 APR balance credit transfer perhaps we should use a third party service like this.