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0 APR Credit Card Balance Transfers UK

Use The 0 APR Credit Card Transfer Service for Interest Free Credit Cards


These days you have an amazing choice of options for credit card transfers - so much so that you needn't ever have any credit outstanding on your cards that you are paying interest on! That's perfectly right: you have such a choice of cards that you need never use any credit that you actually have to pay interest on. You simply transfer the balance at the end of the agreed time to another card, and start paying 0% APR again! For interest free credit cards just look at our special offers below.


Click image above to apply.

Representative 17.9% APR (variable)


Credit Card Balance Transfer Alert Service (Optional But Recommended)

Would you like to be reminded a few days before the 0 APR period on this card expires? Enabling this option will allow you to transfer the balance to a fresh card, giving you a new interest-free credit period.

Alert Service Signup



Credit History Not Perfect?

No problem. The CashPlus Gold Card is for you. Acceptance is practically guaranteed!

The Case For A Credit Card Balance Transfer Service

So often people just forget when their interest free period runs out. Then the interest piles on and the monthly expenditure sudenly rises.

That's where our automated credit card balance transfers service comes in. On applying for any credit card from this site we also invite you to join our free automated credit card transfers service. When you apply for a card just notify us and we will send you an email a few days before the interest free period expires. That's all there is to it. We will actually let you know when your interest free period is about to expire, so that you can make a timely arrangement to transfer your balance for another interest free period. This is a free service.

You can do this as many times as you like. As long as there are credit cards out there offering interest free and low interest deals to new customers.

We are affiliated to all the well known banks and credit card companies. Our customers have access to all their special offers and are subject to their terms and conditions. Click here for a comprehensive listing of credit cards and their special introductory discount offers.

There's just no point in paying any interest at all! With so many options out there and so many banks after our custom. If you are paying interest on your existing credit card you are losing money. Why not take action today like thousands of other satisfied users!

Act today by applying for your new card then transferring your existing balance to it, and prepare yourself for years of interest free credit.

The Process in Three Easy Stages

How to save yourself lots of money over the next few years:

Apply for a new 0 APR credit card (see above)
Transfer your existing balance to that card
Sign up for our free alert service (see below)

Then sit back and relax. Notice how easy it is to save money!

Our Unique Online Credit Card Balance Transfers Alert Service:

Sign up for our Automated Credit Card Transfers Alert service. NOTE: you don't have to do this - you can just apply for the card if you want. But there are three good reasons for doing this:

  1. We will let you know by email as and when your credit card renewal date is coming up, so you can simply transfer your balance to another card and so will never have to pay a penny in interest again (subject to the availability of offers).
  2. It does not matter which credit card you hold.
  3. We will alert you as soon as we are told of a special offer on a particular credit card, of a new credit card, or even of any new services of interest to credit card holders. These include credit card opening offers that aren't widely advertised. There are special offers that are announced almost every week, and we have a special hotline to the credit card companies, who keep us informed of new credit card deals on a day to day basis. It's in their interest to keep us informed so we can pass on the good news to our clients.
  4. Joining our interest free credit cards balance transfers alert service is completely free!

Join the Alert service here


Existing card holders. You don't have to apply for a credit card from this site to use our credit card balance transfers service. If you have a credit card already and you know when the opening special offer finishes, just go to our existing cards page and fill out the relevant boxes. You'll be reminded when your time for balance transfer becomes due.

Worried that your present credit card debt may be rising a little more than you're comfortable with? Then why not check out the best credit card debt consolidation IVA website in the Internet. Our sister site will help you sort our your problems with an IVA, and without you taking on the burden of another loan. Or have a look at the credit card debt IVA help page.

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Interest Free Credit Cards

Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for, nor can we prevent, discrepancies in the alert service caused by the card issuer altering the duration of the card's opening offer. For example, if a card is advertised as having a 16 month 0 APR period and you choose (naturally enough) the 16 month alert option and then the card issuer changes this to 15 months, the alert email will unavoidably be sent a month too late. Obviously we regret this, but this is outside our control.




Online Credit Card Transfers in the Media


We've been mentioned in Web User magazine, which brought us a great deal of good publicity and lots of new memberships (thanks Web User). Some people have emailed us to ask about transfer fees. Read about this matter here.


N. B. We offer a credit card balance transfers renewal alert service as part of a value-added service to our customers in addition to offering credit card applications on behalf of our clients. While we are authorized by the banks and credit card companies to supply credit card applications from our website, we cannot of course guarantee that individual applications will always be accepted by the banks or credit card companies on an individual basis. Their suitability criteria still apply. If your application is rejected or refused you should contact the bank or credit card company. Transfer fees may apply.

Credit Card Transfers is part of the Inteltab Internet marketing group. Click here for more details.



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